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Potential Distributors

Is your company looking to be an authorized distributor of world’s most recognized brand in Aesthetic Surgery? Look no further than Wells Johnson.
Continue reading for Distributor Advantages and the Qualification Requirements.

The Wells Johnson Advantage

Wells Johnson offers Authorized Distributors:
• World’s largest selection of aspiration, infiltration, harvesting, and re-injection cannulas.
• World’s most powerful and recognized aspirators and infiltration pumps.
• Vast selection of syringe accessories.
• In-Stock disposables, including infiltration/aspiration tubing, collection canisters and ancillary supplies.
• Stocked equipment such as Patient Warmers, Patient Monitors, Autoclaves, Centrifuges, and more.
• Access to New Products.

How we do it:

  • We manufacture all of our cannulas, handles, syringe accessories, aspirators, and infiltration pumps.
    -By manufacturing these products in-house, we’re able to offer huge selections and customization of our products.
    -Additionally, manufacturing these products allows us to provide extremely short turn-around times.
  • A 70,000 sq. ft. facility.
    -With dedicated areas for design, manufacturing, inspection, sales, shipping/receiving and customer service, we can closely track the progress of all processes for buy confidence.
  • A dedicated and second-to-none Customer Service team.
    -Our extremely knowledgeable and friendly customer service department will provide unparalleled and efficient service for the best customer experience.
  • Online Ordering.
    -Depending on what country you’re located in, International Time Zones may not allow phone communication between our company and yours. Orders can be placed on our website for buyer confidence.

Minimum Requirements to Qualify:

1. An established channel of distribution appropriate for this type of product line

2. Representatives adequate to service the specified territory

3. Resources to adapt marketing and promotional material

4. Familiarity with export/import regulations pertaining to the territory

5. A business plan for developing the territory